About Us

Committed to making renewable energy a reality for Canada's North

A passion for realizing renewable solutions to the energy challenges in the North is what drives the HILAT team. Our work supports the sustainability, economic diversification, and energy autonomy goals of the communities we serve. With our Northern-based team of experienced professionals, we understand the unique needs of the region.

Our focus areas are grid-tied solar PV plants, utility-scale microgrids, and hydrogen storage.

Meet Our Team

Martha Lenio
PhD | Interim Managing Director

Dr. Martha Lenio has been working in the photovoltaic and renewable energy space for over 15 years. Her expertise spans working in R&D on cutting-edge silicon solar cell technologies to on-the-ground support for communities in Nunavut working on Community Energy Planning in an effort to transition away from diesel. Dr. Lenio has founded a solar consulting company (Mars Green Consulting), worked as the Arctic renewable energy expert for WWF-Canada, and sits on the board of the Arctic Renewables Society. She lives in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

Danelle Ouellette
BComm | Grid-Tied PM and Data Specialist

Danelle completed her Operations Management degree from the University of Alberta. Throughout her degree, she built a foundational understanding of corporate finance and data analytics. Danelle has a passion for sustainable community development with a focus on energy autonomy through renewable sources, responsible local food systems, and social well-being. She is looking forward to uniting her passion and education with her career at High Latitude. Danelle was born in the Yukon Territory and has recently returned there to live full-time.

Sophie Janke
BEng | Hydrogen PM and Energy Storage Specialist

Sophie completed her Chemical Engineering undergraduate degree at Dalhousie University. Through past work experiences and academic projects she has gained valuable experiences in the realm of energy storage, hydrogen, and renewable energy in the north. Sophie grew up in the Yukon territory, spends much of her free time outside, and has developed a deep-rooted passion for the environment. Throughout her career, she hopes to apply her engineering skills working with communities on impactful solutions related to environmental sustainability.

Behzad Hashemi
PhD | Modelling Specialist

Behzad holds a Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology from the University of Quebec, where his research was dedicated to the innovative application of Machine Learning in the power sector. Throughout his academic journey, Behzad has cultivated extensive expertise in power electrical engineering, machine learning, and data science. Behzad has participated in several projects related to modelling the performance of photovoltaic systems in the climatic conditions of snow-prone regions and optimizing the performance of renewable energy-based microgrids and electric vehicle fleets using computational intelligence techniques. Throughout his career at HILAT, he aims to apply his skills to create practical solutions to facilitate the integration of renewable energies in Northern communities.

Tina Dhaliwal
PMP | Project Manager & HR Specialist

Tina has nearly a decade of success in delivering projects and driving transformative change across diverse sectors such as IT, industrial manufacturing, and renewable energy consulting. Her pursuit of best practices and commitment to remaining engaged with the Project Management community in BC led her to serve as a member of the Board of Directors at PMI CWCC. Tina has expertise as an Instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, where she also completed her studies encompassing Business, Human Resources, and Project Management. She eagerly anticipates the opportunity to collaborate closely with Northern communities, working together to achieve meaningful and sustainable goals for the future.

Stefan Sander-Green
BASc Eng Phys | Project Manager & Hydrogen Specialist

Stefan’s work focuses on developing hydrogen energy storage projects and integrating them within renewable energy systems. He is committed to delivering innovative, reliable energy systems that promote social and environmental sustainability. Stefan holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Physics from UBC, where he specialized in renewable energy technology. He has previous experience working in the industrial gas and cryogenics fields, which he is now applying to green hydrogen projects.